A Police Officers Guide and Handbook to Tactical Casualty Care

Rafael Navarro a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputy releases a new book on Tactical Casualty Care entitled: “A Police Officers Guide and Handbook to Tactical Casualty Care (Under Fire) First Aid and Self First Aid for Law Enforcement”.

After returning from his overseas tour, Rafael was given an assignment within the training unit at his agency. It didn’t take long before he realized that there were some shortfalls to the First Aid and Self First Aid program they were offering.

The most outstanding concern was the lack of training concerning the use and deployment of a tourniquet.  After taking a good look at their existing program, he proposed a lesson plan, which included the purpose and use of the tourniquet. This was approved after a short review and the trend began. Slowly, he was able to affect the entire agency, by exposing them to tourniquet training.

This is when he realized the enormous communication gap between our military and law enforcement agencies. Rafael began a personal campaign to bring attention to the fact that our soldiers (young as they may be) are considered trainable in combat lifesaving skills by our government, whereas most of the law enforcement agencies in our country consider this type of training “out of the realm or scope” and perhaps too difficult.

The fact of the matter is, that the skills needed to become proficient in combat lifesaving skills can be taught to police… Continue reading

Please Donate to Safe Call Now’s End of the Year Giving Campaign!

As we wind up a very successful year here at CopsAlive.com we ask that you consider giving to Safe Call Now in support of their ongoing efforts to save the lives of public safety employees and their families.  Without your help, they cannot continue to provide those much needed services to our first responders.  Every dollar donated, no matter how big or small, goes directly to help saving one of your own.  To make a secure online donation please visit: www.safecallnow.org or to donate by check: “Safe Call Now” – 2949 4th Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98134.  I invite you to show your support for law enforcement, police, and other public safety employees and their family members by donating to Safe Call Now.  Thank you for your support!

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Here is a personal message from Sean Riley the Executive Director of Safe Call Now:

These past years have been difficult for most of us – but for those struggling with a personal crisis – they have been devastating.

Safe Call Now is a 24-hour crisis referral service for public safety employees and their family members nationwide. Safe Call Now has a clear vision to help those in need find healthy alternatives, resources and education. Since it’s date of inception, Safe Call Now has placed over 100 public safety employees into substance abuse treatment and referred out over 2,000 families for services.
Now, more than ever – we need to do more. When you support Safe Call Now, you’ll have a direct and immediate impact of the lives of those who help protect us.
When you donate to Safe Call Now, you help provide:
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It’s never been more important for us to support each other. I invite you to show your support for public safety employees and their family members in need by donating to Safe Call Now. Please visit our website to make a secure donation or pay by check to: “Safe Call Now” • 2949 4th Ave. South • Seattle, WA 98134.
To learn more about Safe Call Now’s work, check out www.safecallnow.org. Thank you for your support!
Happy holidays to you and your family!

Sean Riley Executive Director

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CopsAlive.com was founded to provide information and strategies to help police officers successfully survive their careers.  We help law enforcement officers and their agencies prepare for the risks that threaten their existence.

We do this by Helping Law Enforcement professionals plan for happy, healthy and successful lives on the job and beyond.  We think the best strategy is for each officer to create a tactical plan for their own life and career.

The Law Enforcement Survival Institute (LESI) works with individuals and organizations to help them create and sustain success in their lives and careers as law enforcement professionals.  It is the primary goal of The Law Enforcement Survival Institute to become the preeminent source for training, resources and information about how to create and sustain a happy, healthy and successful life and career while providing superior law enforcement service to your community.

Police Stories: Making One Bit of Difference

Did anyone ever tell you that despite all of your hard work in law enforcement that nothing you did would make one bit of difference?  Well that’s what one officer told a young Steve Dixon at the beginning of his police career but he didn’t believe it, and spent the next 36 years proving he could make a difference.

Steve had a long and varied career starting with 5 years in the Military Police.  Then after he got out of the Army he spent 11 years working for the Santa Clara Police Department in California, and he finished his career working for the San Jose Police Department in California for over 20 years.  He retired in 2008 as a Sergeant from San Jose PD.

Now that he is retired, Steve has written a book to prove that he did make One Bit of Difference, and with the book he is motivating all the rest of us to examine our career and for us to make a difference in our careers as well.

In “Police Stories: Making One Bit of Difference” Retired Sergeant Steve Dixon offers us a collection of stories and anecdotes from his career about the good and bad of police work.  The book, while written for cops, is not just for people in law enforcement and tells things like Steve saw them over 36 years as a cop.  Steve doesn’t pull all of his punches either, as he talks candidly about lazy cops and poor leadership in law enforcement.

Steve tells stories of shootings and high speed chases, of dangerous criminals and ineffective cops.  He describes a situation where he was holding a very dangerous suspect at gun point after calling for backup and then noticing that he wasn’t hearing any sirens coming to his aid.  He also describes the chaos of a robbery, homicide scene and the sometimes humorous activity from the many law enforcement agencies that responded.  He also explains a situation where he was in a standoff with two armed suspects, across the hood of a car after a high speed chase,… Continue reading

How Far Would You Go to Save a Fellow Cop?

How far would you go to save a fellow cop’s life?  Here is a great story about two brother officers at the Denver Police Department that will amaze you.  One police officer donates a kidney anonymously to save… Continue reading

Land Donated in Memory of Slain State Trooper Daughter

By: Brooke McKay, C.O.P.S. Marketing Coordinator

Editors Note: This is such a great story that we couldn’t help but pass it on and ask you to tell everyone you know.

Jessica Jean Cheney was born September 15, 1974, in Pennsylvania. She
moved often as a child due to the fact her father was active military.
The Cheney family finally settled in King William County, Virginia, in
1984. Jessica’s career goals were to become an astronaut until she
learned, at that time, females were not accepted as fighter pilots and
that was the logical route into the space program. In 1991, she decided
to become a Virginia State Trooper… Continue reading

Take a Virtual Tour of the U.S. National Law Enforcement Museum (opening in 2013)

From the early days of the night watch in the 1600s to the high-tech criminal investigations of the 21st century, discover a history that has largely gone untold — the history of American law enforcement — a profession that serves a vital and valued role in our society.

The National Law Enforcement Museum will be a hands-on, interactive museum providing an opportunity to walk in an officer’s shoes… Continue reading

What is your Legacy as a Police Officer?

What legacy will you leave from your job in law enforcement?  Lives saved?  People helped? or Communities changed?  What legacy will you leave in life?  A healthy child?  A happy and financially secure family?  Maybe an improved world?

Do you ever even think about your personal or professional legacy?  If not, maybe now would be a good time to think about it and maybe to even start a little planning… Continue reading

Song about Fallen Officers- “In Memory of…”

My good friends at C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors) have let me know about a new song by Derik Schumacher entitled “In Memory of…” about police officers who have fallen in the line of duty.  The song was written by Paul Davis & Derik Schumacher and Derik also Co-produced the song with Charlie Craig.  “In Memory of” is being used as a fund raiser for C.O.P.S. and I encourage your support.

You can download the song by visiting http://www.inmemoryofthem.net/ and if you need any more encouragement visit the blog of stories contributed by family members of those killed in the line of duty.

For more information about C.O.P.S. please visit: http://www.nationalcops.org/

As Cops We Must Prevent Police Officer Suicides

Police Officer Suicides are becoming an epidemic.  Over the last several years suicides by police officers have out numbered the number of officers killed in the line of duty by 3 to 1.  It is estimated that between 400 to 500 officers take their own lives each year.  This is a major problem and as law enforcement professionals we must resolve this problem ourselves.  The first step is awareness and then we must take action.  I started this blog at www.copsalive.com when a friend and former Sheriff’s Patrol Sergeant committed suicide.  No one saw it coming and in my twenty three years as a police officer… Continue reading