Learned Excellence Teaches You Mental Disciplines For Leading and Winning From the Worlds Top Performers

The new book Learned Excellence serves up a masterclass for enhancing your performance and your skills in policing or any other profession.

I’ve just read the newly released book: Learned Excellence by our own Eric Potterat, Ph.D. and his co-author Alan Eagle, and it is amazing.

Learned excellence is your eTicket to world class, high-performance, mental toughness training!

This book is going to change your life and more importantly change your quality of life.

This book is very readable and relatable. If you want to be a top performer in law enforcement or any of the emergency services, I highly recommend this book.

I’ve known Eric for a number of years. We’ve talked together, we’ve taught together, and I’ve learned a tremendous amount of information from him, but this book… takes that learning to a whole new level with the depth and breadth of its wisdom. Reading this, it’s like having your own professional performance coach speaking in your ear and encouraging you with great suggestions for your personal and performance improvement. There is a reason that Eric has been so successful in providing police training, because he knows what mental skills police officers need and how to build their levels of professionalism and success.

In my opinion, Eric Potterat, is the worlds foremost, human performance psychologist based both upon his breadth of experience and depth of knowledge.

This book will teach you proven techniques to build performance excellence and mental toughness using a variety of tactics and strategies. This could become a primer for individual policing excellence, as it takes emotional survival for law enforcement to a whole new level.

Each chapter is loaded with suggestions, and processes that will make you better, and at the end of the book you’re given a chance to do an action plan for codifying all the strategies you’ve learned throughout the book to make your life as successful and happy as possible.

Eric gives you lots of examples of real training sessions with world-class athletes and it’s almost as if you’re watching over his shoulder as he provides feedback and input to increase their performance to their highest capability.

Learn how a U.S. Navy SEAL trains to be the best, and how an olympic athlete prepares for world class competitions. Learn what corporate executives do to manage negative stressors and institute winning processes for success.

You will learn about building the right mindsets; the processes that create excellence; boosting your adversity tolerance and utilizing stress inoculation techniques; and how to set up a formal plan to up your game and create excellence habits.

Learn from Eric’s work as a world class human performance psychologist with the U.S. Navy SEALs, law enforcement, firefighters and other first responders, olympic athletes, NASA astronauts, other professional athletes like football, baseball and hockey players, corporate executives, as well as Red Bull sponsored athletes like cliff divers, big wave surfers and professional eGamers.

Do you want to program the mindset you need for critical situations?
Do you want to learn and grow from your mistakes and failures like an olympic athlete?
Do you want to build an unbreakable mental toughness just like the U.S. Navy SEALs do?
Do you want to manage your stress response so that it helps, not hurts you?

You will learn about stress inoculation, and learn to use it to your best advantage.

Get this book, read this book, and do the exercises, IT WILL MAKE YOU BETTER!

If your goal is to build police officer resilience, fire fighter resilience or resilience as a dispatcher, telecommunication or other emergency responder then this is a book you need.

This would also be a great book to buy for everybody on your wellness committee, peer support team and or training section.

Eric Potterat Ph.D. is a clinical and performance psychologist and a leading expert in individual and organizational performance optimization. Eric retired as a commander from the US Navy after twenty years of service, during which he created the mental toughness curriculum used during Navy SEALs’ BUD/s training. He spent years as the director of specialized performance for the Los Angeles Dodgers and has also worked with Red Bull athletes, the US women’s national soccer team, the Miami Heat, and numerous Olympic athletes, first responders, business leaders, and NASA astronauts.

Alan Eagle is an author and executive communications consultant, helping leaders and companies shape and tell their stories. He spent sixteen years at Google, partnering with executives to communicate the company’s story to clients, partners, employees, and the public. He is the co-author of the books How Google Works and Trillion Dollar Coach.

You can go directly to Amazon to order the book or you can use my affiliate link below (When purchasing books from Amazon through us we will receive a small commission and the author(s) their normal royalties, and you will still pay the same low Amazon price!)
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If you’ve read the book, let us know how it helped you in the comment boxes below.

Stay safe, be well and strive for excellent every day!

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