Diane Sieg understands what it’s like to struggle with life balance issues after years of “overdoing it” herself. Her “Aha! moment” came when she found something she hadn’t realized she’d lost. After that, life changed: • She went from teaching kickboxing and high impact aerobics to yoga and meditation. • From 20 years of adrenaline-pumping work as an emergency room nurse to a career as a speaker, author, and lifestyle expert. • Diane went from trying to do more, better, faster to living with more intention and purpose. Diane’s first book, STOP Living Life Like an Emergency! Rescue Strategies for the Overworked and Overwhelmed helps thousands get out—and stay out—of the emergency room of life. Learn more about Diane at her website:

Are You Living Your Life Like an Emergency?

CopsAlive is pleased to welcome a new contributor in Diane Sieg.  Diane was an emergency room nurse for over 20 years.  She wrote her first book, “STOP Living Life Like an Emergency”, because she wanted to illustrate and identify how so many of us were living in such a frenetic state of more, better, faster.

Are you Living Your Life Like an Emergency?
As an emergency room nurse for over twenty years, I witnessed overdoses, car accidents, heart attacks, and gunshot wounds.  More often than not, the patients I treated created their own emergencies.  Whether it was falling asleep at the wheel, ignoring warning signs, or rushing to get something done, the emergency living they participated in contributed to the events that brought them to the ER.
Why are we all in such a rush?  This can be especially true for you as police officers where emergency living is full of chaos, crisis, and panic.  It keeps us moving at warp speed, always thinking about… Continue reading