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Lisa Wimberger works on a national level with law enforcement officers suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, both at the agency and individual levels. Lisa’s ability to bring tools to law enforcement agencies offers a proactive solution to stress management and crisis intervention. These techniques are truly alternative modalities for a healthier person and organization. Lisa specializes in training individuals and organizations to understand, identify and retrain stress patterns that undermine job performance. Her specialized approach for law enforcement creates a platform upon which individuals begin to identify the early signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The techniques help those caught in a hyper-vigilant stress cycle to navigate a new path through a downward spiral. Lisa offers concrete tools that help officers gain perspective during crisis, determine the personal impact, steer clear of dysfunctional patterned behavioral responses, and derive healthier options. Lisa founded the Trance Personnel Consulting Group TPCG) in January, 2007. It is the aggregate of the many human behavior disciplines that make up her background. With hundreds of law enforcement agents trained in 2008 the statistics speak clearly; for those in high trauma jobs there is an urgent need for an effective preventative approach to crisis intervention. Many of Lisa's family and friends were NYPD or NYFD and she spent time teaching these techniques to help rebuild families that effected her personally. She has also experienced an array of massive physical trauma herself and has used the same tools as a way to deal with all of that. Her own erosional trauma experiences include: Blinded in one eye at age 11, Hit by lightening at age 15, Blinded in both eyes at age 19, and Flatlined, no pulse-no cardio, on 3 or more occassions. She has recovered completely from all of the above events and has used the techniques to help her live a normal, healthy and rewarding life.

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