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Raymond Craig has over 24 years working for the Honolulu Police Department. He is currently assigned to the training academy. He has certifications in defensive tactics, firearms, tactics and use of force. Currently he is assigned to the taser program. He is certified as a master taser instructor and trains both the incumbents and recruits in the use of the taser. He has helped develop the current taser program used by the department. He is a certified instructor with ALERRT and is very active with the department’s active shooter program. In addition, he is a member of ILEETA. He attends the annual conference and has presented during the conference. He is part of the peer support unit and is active in the suicide prevention program for the department. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS - International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) - National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association (NLEFIA) – Member - National Rifle Association (NRA)- Life Member

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