My name is Tammy Featherstone. I am a retired Sgt. in Sarasota, FL. I recently founded Frame of Reference Coaching LLC. My mission is to work with women in law enforcement (coaching or mentoring with personal life and career) AND women who are striving to level up in all areas of their life that want (or need) an objective accountability coach to empower them to take control of their life!

Choosing and Change

Choosing and Change by new CopsAlive Contributor
Tammy Featherstone, Sgt. (retired)

Growing up in a strict, conservative, Southern Baptist home came with many challenges. In addition, I was not a conventional girl. I loved being outdoors, playing sports and “rough housing”. I realized early on I didn’t view things the same way my parents did. My father was misogynistic and reminded my sister and I, more frequently than I care to remember, that he was the “head of the house”. I challenged my father quite a bit growing up. It didn’t work out so well for me. I can’t explain the feeling of being a small child and being hit by a grown man.

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