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Blue on Blue: The Ultimate Law Enforcement Tragedy

blueonbluetragedyThe ultimate tragedy in law enforcement might be when one officer accidentally kills a fellow officer in what has become known as a Blue on Blue Death.

I recently had a chance to speak with an officer who has survived one of these tragedies and his story is as inspiring as it is tragic.

How Would Your Agency Handle a Blue on Blue Death?

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Thank You For Your Service!

On this U.S. holiday for giving thanks we at say thank you for your service to all the men and women in law enforcement around the world.

Thank you for your courage.

Thank you for your commitment.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

Law enforcement is a very difficult career and we understand the challenges and adversities you face. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication.

Gratitude is a very powerful tool. What are you grateful for?

A feeling of gratitude can be created by looking for the good nature of things and events and then by focusing upon the positives. You can create this feeling in yourself and you can use it as a tool to lead others to this awareness

We have assembled a free worksheet on gratitude for you to use this day to examine all the things in your life and career that you are grateful for.

CLICK HERE to download our Gratitude Worksheet.

This worksheet was assembled in gratitude for all the men and women in law
enforcement who risk their lives to make our world a better place. Thank you!

The mission of CopsAlive is to save the lives of those who save lives!

Happy Thanksgiving and please Stay Safe and Stay Well!

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Don’t Forget to Thank a Vet


As the week of Veteran’s Day comes to an end salutes America’s veterans and says “thank you” for your service to our country.

Please join us in saying “thanks” to those serving in our armed forces and to our veterans.

To remind you of the kind of people it takes to keep our country safe on foreign shores please watch part I of the NRA Life of Duty video entitled “Highest Honor” Presented by Brownells.

This video is one of their Patriot Profiles presented by the NRA and Brownells on their Life Of Duty Channel website where they profile law enforcement and military heroes with their stories of courage and heroism.

Highest Honor Part 1
Dakota Meyer is a country boy who grew up amongst the corn and tobacco fields in the rolling hills and lush farmland of Columbia, Kentucky. Awarded the Medal of Honor, our nation’s highest honor for courage and valor, he was thrust into the spotlight of celebrity and nothing in his world could feel less heroic or less honorable than that.

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Tough Enough?

ToughEnoughHow tough is tough enough for a law enforcement officer?

Law enforcement is a tough profession. It will beat you up and tear you down, unless you are tough enough to endure all that this job has to throw at you.  So how do you prepare yourself for the job?

How tough do you have to be to work in law enforcement?

Your training for a policing job can be critical to your survival, and it’s not just the training you get in the police academy, it’s about training yourself every day to be sharp and ready for whatever the day will challenge you with. In order to be tough enough for a full career in law enforcement you need to strengthen and condition yourself every day in several ways.

When I say training I’m not just talking about physical fitness training, although that’s a big part of it, I believe that in order to be thoroughly trained for this job you have to strengthen and condition your “self” every day physically, mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually.

The problem with that is that none of us has ever been taught how to strengthen ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Some of you might be asking why do I have to strengthen myself spiritually or emotionally for this job?

You will have to discover that answer to that question for yourself but consider the fact that about three times more officers take their own lives than are murdered in the line of duty. Physical fitness alone doesn’t strengthen you in the ways that are necessary to protect you from the demons that would lead you to want to take your own life. If you add in other toxic “hidden dangers” that might assault you in this line of work like…

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CopsAlive Promotes Lumosity

LumosityScienceCopsAlive is promoting Lumosity brain training to our readers in order to encourage future research into brain training for law enforcement professionals.

As part of our Armor Your Self™ training program and The Law Enforcement Survival Institute recommend strengthening and conditioning yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to be better able to survive the rigors of a career in law enforcement.

Lumosity provides an excellent foundation for what we recommend you do for 10-15 minutes a day to Armor Your Self™ Mentally.

Lumosity now has the world’s largest and fastest growing database on human cognition—which currently includes over 40,000,000 research subjects and over 780,000,000 cognitive gameplays. Their scientists mine this data to uncover insights that help them improve the efficacy of the Lumosity cognitive training program.

Because of our work in the areas of wellness and stress management for law enforcement personnel requested to participate in Lumosity’s Clinical Access Research & Engagement Program (CARE) which allows us to give away a few trial memberships to Lumosity in order for your to see if it might benefit you.

This means that if you are interested in doing regular daily brain training can offer you one month of free access to Lumosity by giving you a special access code. When we run out of the free offers we will be assembling a waiting list of people interested in Lumosity’s brain training for a future collaboration and research project we are proposing to Lumosity.

We will contact you soon to let you know…

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CopsAlive Cruise 2014

carnival-gloryWe would like to invite you to join us in January of 2014 for our CopsAlive Cruise 2014.

For the last six years some of us from have taken a cruise in January right after New Years Day. We join a group of other people who do business on the internet. Now it’s time to get ready again. Come join us!

A CopsAlive Cruise is a chance for law enforcement professionals from around the world to gather together for a combination of fun, relaxation, camaraderie, and education. As part of this group you will have a chance to meet with police officers, constables, sheriff’s deputies and other policing professionals from around the world and share your ideas and concerns about our profession. Together we will grow and forge partnerships for stronger professional and personal relationships. As a special bonus you will also be part of a larger group of internet marketers who gather on this cruise each year to help them grow and make their internet businesses more profitable. If you have a desire to learn about internet marketing this is a great place for you. Each year over 400 entrepreneurs from over 17 countries came together on this cruise and this year it is expected to grow. You will be able to participate in learning and networking sessions with…

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EDITORS NOTE: the following is a guest post from Robert Rabe a Vietnam Veteran who also has 39 Years of Law Enforcement Experience.

PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a new name for an old story and there are many complexities to its definition. The name, recognizing a medical condition, was coined several years after the onset of the Vietnam War. Similar symptoms demonstrated by soldiers following the Civil War were called nostalgia. GIs during WWI were said to have shell shock. Military personnel from WWII and the Korean Conflict were suffering combat fatigue. No matter what term is used, the symptoms are the same.

There are many descriptions of PTSD:
PTSD – a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that results in psychological trauma.
PTSD – is a set of symptoms that surface following a dangerous, frightening and uncontrollable event including: sleep disturbance, flashbacks, anxiety, tiredness and depression.
PTSD – is a condition recognized by the prevalence of one or more symptoms affecting people who have
experienced severe emotional trauma such as combat, crime or natural disaster.
PTSD – a person may demonstrate symptomatic behavior after seeing or experiencing a traumatizing event where grave injury or death is involved.

You can find the most recent clinical definition…

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Fitness Monday – The Power of Connection


One of the most powerful tools a law enforcement officer can use to maintain their fitness is the power of connection.  Before I elaborate let’s make some distinctions.

First what does the concept of fitness mean to you?  To us at the Law Enforcement Survival Institute fitness means your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness for duty and overall wellness for life’s challenges and joys.

Secondly, connection in this case means to us your ability to maintain connections to family, people, support networks, resources, some higher power and other areas that can strengthen and support you in your life and your work in law enforcement.

So what does the concept of connection have to do with your fitness in police work?

If you look at our over-riding definition of fitness listed above you will recognize that our concept of fitness impacts your whole being or “self” and that in order to strengthen and maintain your peak levels of fitness you must be conditioning your “self” in four areas: physically, mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually.  Many police officers and other law enforcement professionals only train themselves physically to survive the rigors of this profession.  If that’s all you do, then we are concerned about the threats to you from what we call the hidden dangers of law enforcement like police officer suicide, heart disease, cumulative stress, PTSD, various forms of cancer and other things that will take your life.  If you take your personal threat assessment further to the things that don’t kill you but can make your life miserable then we include threats like fatigue, divorce, financial ruin, alcoholism…,

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Fitness Monday – The Power of Proper Equipment

In law enforcement and police work we have a lot of tools to get the job done properly. One area where we might be falling down is our selection of the proper fitness equipment for both our sports and job fitness training. Choosing the proper fitness training equipment like running or cycling shoes, clothing, exercise equipment, cycles etc. can make all the difference between success and failure. For policing professionals our fitness tools are just as important as the tools we use on the job.

In his article this week you will see that Scott wore out his favorite cycling shoes so this YouTube video from entitled: “How to Choose Proper Cycling Shoes” is for him

Hi everyone, good to be back after a week in North Dakota. No exercise, unless you call reading highway safety reports and eating hotel food all week exercise.

Did you know that it’s hot and humid in south Louisiana? You’d think I would know that too, but it didn’t stop me from overdoing it this weekend. But don’t “I told you so” too quickly. I was inspired by the wonderful folks I’ve rejoined in our Bayou Country Cyclists team, and our MS 150 training ride was an event I had to participate in. Even though I was still under hydrated and over-stuffed with Bismarck’s best cuisine.

Today’s ride brought a little sadness though. Ever get attached to something…

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We Need To Get Serious About Dealing With Addictions in Law Enforcement

Operational readiness and our ability to be “fit for duty” is critical on a daily basis in law enforcement and yet we don’t always do the preparatory and preventative things necessary to do to make that a reality.

We know that physical fitness is critical in law enforcement, that’s why we test for it when we hire new cops, and why some agencies still test for it annually.

We talk about understanding that mental fitness is important for law enforcement officers because we screen for it when we hire them but after that initial assessment we seem to go astray and never talk about mental fitness again until someone’s mental fitness is in question.

There is another component of fitness that we never deal with in law enforcement and that has to do with someone who isn’t considered fit for duty and may need to assistance.

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