LESI Launches new Do-It-Yourself Armor Your Self Training Curriculum

The Law Enforcement Survival Institute has just released two Do-It-Yourself Small Agency Curriculum Packages, to assist academy classes or small agencies that can’t afford more expensive training programs.

These two packages, based on the book Armor Your Self: How to Survive a Career in Law Enforcement, include either 10 or 20 copies of the Armor Your Self: How to Survive a Career in Law Enforcement resilience building textbooks, plus a 148-page training curriculum that licenses your agency to facilitate the Armor Your Self basic training program in-house for your personnel. The package includes a full, six-session, basic training curriculum PDF with six individual session lesson plans, a set of 80 PowerPoint slides for each lesson, activities and discussion questions, plus… Continue reading

Two Ways To Improve Policing Worldwide

There are two ways to improve policing worldwide, and they both focus on people!

Policing is a people business – Policing is work conducted by people for the greater good of all of the people.

If we want to reform and improve our policing strategies, then we need to focus on the people — the people in policing and the people we are serving.

First and foremost I believe that If we don’t take care of our people, they won’t be able to take care of THE PEOPLE!

So, how do we do that you ask?… Continue reading