Fitness Monday – The Power of Success

weightI stood on the scale while exhaling as hard as I could. I was hoping to end this week around 210lbs. I had not even smelled a carb all week, and enjoyed a solid return to my eating strategy. Looking down, I cannot say I was disappointed. Just the opposite, I was shocked. I was at 208 lbs, and not seen the “single digit” side of 200 since my weight marched upwards over two years ago.

I popped into the kitchen and grabbed the dreaded BP cup, and yep, in the 130’s over mid 90’s! this is the most key indicators in my quest to regain a healthy lifestyle.

This past weekend was our annual Thibodaux Volunteer Fireman’s Fair. When I tell you the food was amazing, it was amazing. I packed my… Continue reading

Fitness Monday – The Power of Perseverance

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Perseverance is a key quality in law enforcement resilience and it is also a very helpful quality in police fitness training.

What is resilience?
Resilience is defined as the ability to bounce back from adversity, being elastic and having the capability to endure hardships.

Resilience is what we in law enforcement have to strive for in order to survive our careers with a sound mind, body and spirit.  It is what we need to be able to muster to be able to function well enough to enjoy many more happy and productive years after retirement from the job.

At we promoted the concept of Tactical Resilience which is a set of comprehensive wellness systems layered over each other, and working in concert, to build a healthy and effective law enforcement people and organizations.

The concept of tactical resilience is about creating effective wellness tactics that combine to develop efficient habits, that in turn construct superior survival, and performance, systems which promote healthy, competent and professional law enforcement officers.   One of those individual wellness tactics is the ability to persevere.  As in the old saying: “When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going!”.

Our CopsAlive Fitness recommendation is for you to find the mental toughness needed to… Continue reading

Fitness Monday – The Power of a Mentor

In law enforcement fitness a mentor can be one of your most effective tools to getting in shape and staying that way.

Our CopsAlive Fitness recommendation for this week is find a mentor to help you with your fitness. As you have read in the past few weeks Scott has asked Lt. Kim Lane to help him with his nutritional planning and Rae has been receiving advice from April Lea Gellatly a professional Triathlete & Atlanta-based Fitness Professional for CNNFitNation & a USATriathlon Certified Coach.

Mentoring is a relationship between two people where the more experienced, or more knowledgeable, person guides the less experienced or knowledgeable person as part of a personal developmental process. That process whether it is formal or informal is used for the relaying of knowledge, wisdom and support.

Mentoring is becoming much more common in many areas of business, commerce and even law enforcement. In the areas of health and fitness mentoring can be very effective in keeping you on track and guiding you based upon your mentor’s experience. It gives you support and encouragement and helps you get through those tough times when you want to quit.

Obviously, the more advanced version… Continue reading

Fitness Monday – The Power of Commitment


Scott Silverii’s “I’m Shaping Up; Week 7”

213, 137, 99 – HIKE! While losing a healthy level of fitness is not a game, it is fun and challenging to develop creative ways to regain it.

Racquetball, stadiums, dodge ball(?) Yep. Actually I watched.

I have mostly maintained strict adherence to Lt. Lane’s diet plan, but when the Kiddo is asking for his traditional Thursday night out at his favorite pizza place, I did have part of a child’s pepperoni. Of course, I’m not the reigning Ms. Louisiana like Kim is, so I ate it without guilt.

Back to the fun parts. Those huddle numbers are my weight, and BP. I’m stoked to see my… Continue reading

Fitness Monday – Training for Willpower

scott-chin-upEDITORS NOTE: Our Fitness Monday articles are an ongoing feature as follows Police Chief Scott Silverii, Ph.D. on his quest to lose weight and get into better shape. We are also keeping track of Warden Rae Timme with the Colorado Department of Corrections, a member of the CNN Fit Nation Team, as she prepares for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon on September 8. We all know that fitness is critical in law enforcement, but we don’t always do what we know is right. Over the next couple of months you can follow Scott, a Police Chief, and Rae a Department of Corrections Warden, as they open up their lives to you. We invite you to also participate in any way that you choose to improve, your fitness and, your ability to survive a career in law enforcement. We also encourage you… Continue reading