Fitness Monday – The Power of a Mentor

In law enforcement fitness a mentor can be one of your most effective tools to getting in shape and staying that way.

Our CopsAlive Fitness recommendation for this week is find a mentor to help you with your fitness. As you have read in the past few weeks Scott has asked Lt. Kim Lane to help him with his nutritional planning and Rae has been receiving advice from April Lea Gellatly a professional Triathlete & Atlanta-based Fitness Professional for CNNFitNation & a USATriathlon Certified Coach.

Mentoring is a relationship between two people where the more experienced, or more knowledgeable, person guides the less experienced or knowledgeable person as part of a personal developmental process. That process whether it is formal or informal is used for the relaying of knowledge, wisdom and support.

Mentoring is becoming much more common in many areas of business, commerce and even law enforcement. In the areas of health and fitness mentoring can be very effective in keeping you on track and guiding you based upon your mentor’s experience. It gives you support and encouragement and helps you get through those tough times when you want to quit.

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