A Time for Law Enforcement to Give Thanks

Many countries and cultures celebrate a day of thanks or harvest festival this time of year. W e in the United States celebrate our Thanksgiving Holiday this week based on the 1621 gathering of Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians who gave thanks for a bountiful harvest and their survival of the harsh conditions.

We in law enforcement have suffered a harsh year and perhaps should also give thanks for our survival, and thank those who have contributed to our lives.

Who do you need to say thank you to for your health, support and success?

Our spouses or the spouses of police officers everywhere. Police wives and spouses are the true backbone of this profession.

Our families or the family members of everyone in law enforcement.

If you are smart enough to have friends that are not in law enforcement, maybe you should say thanks for supporting you and trying to understand what a police officer goes through.

This week would be a great time to say thank you to your peers in law enforcement who keep you safe every day. Thank those in your agency as well as those who work for other police and sheriff’s agencies around you.

Say “thank you” to your Supervisors, SWAT Teams, Traffic Investigators, Air Support, and all specialized units.

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