Carnival Dream Has Launched

Carnival Cruise Lines has just launched it’s newest, biggest and best ship ever The Carnival Dream.  Why is that important?  Among other things, because it is going to host the Third Annual CopsAlive Cruise this coming January 9th-16th 2010.  Our Law Enforcement Retreat at Sea is part of a larger group of Internet Marketers that reserve a large portion of the ship to hold meetings and mastermind sessions.  I choose this group because I believe that starting and running an internet business is a perfect fit for people in law enforcement and owning a business is so much better than just working… off-duty jobs.  As part of this larger group we get great rates and extras that normal passengers don’t enjoy and we get private meeting space to discuss the wellness issues that created CopsAlive in the first place and that’s about how we survive this stressful career.  If you are a cop, and you own or are thinking of starting an internet business, this is the place to be because the 2010 voyage already has over 400 internet business owners from 16 countries signed up.  Or if you are just looking for a great vacation with your family, this might also be a great opportunity to network with a group of like-minded cops and maybe learn a little about internet business.

If you want to learn more about our Law Enforcement Retreat at Sea CLICK HERE

If you want to learn more about the Carnival Dream CLICK HERE

If you want to sign up for CopsAlive Cruise 2010 CLICK HERE

and if you want to take a virtual tour of The Carnival Dream CLICK HERE

P.S.  We just heard from the travel agent that our voyage is almost sold out so you have my apologies if you are not able to book a cabin this time, but rest assured we will sail again in January of 2011!

Check out our blog on the new book Cash in a Flash (CLICK HERE) where we met bestselling author Robert G. Allen who was another guest of the Internet Marketing group on our CopsAlive Cruise 2009.  In our blog post, about his new book, is a video interview we made where Robert told you why this cruise might be very important to your financial future!

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John Marx was a Police Officer for twenty-three years and served as a Hostage Negotiator for nineteen of those years. He worked as a patrol officer, media liaison officer, crime prevention officer and burglary detective. Also during his career he served as administrator of his city's Community Oriented Governance initiative through the police department's Community Policing project. Today John combines his skills to consult with businesses about improving both their security and their customer service programs. John retired from law enforcement in 2002. When one of his friends, also a former police officer, committed suicide at age 38, John was devastated and began researching the problems that stress creates for police officers. He decided he needed to do something to help change those problems and he wanted to give something back to the profession that gave him so much. He started a project that has evolved into Put simply, the mission of CopsAlive is to save the lives of those who save lives! gathers information, strategies and tools to help law enforcement professionals plan for happy, healthy and successful careers, relationships and lives.
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  1. Sounds great Chris, I hope everything works out so that we can see you in January. Good Luck!

  2. If I retire, I’ll make it a point to join the cruise.

  3. Thanks Chuck!
    It’s going to be a great trip and this new ship looks outstanding.

  4. We are really looking forward to this trip. I just booked my flight. See you soon John.

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