How Leadership Can Reduce the Rate of Burnout Among Law Enforcement Staff

BurnourtResearchCoverImportant new research into police burnout, leadership and stress is being published by Emerald and you can get a copy this weekend.

The report entitled: “An empirical investigation of high-risk occupations – Leader influence on employee stress and burnout among police” by Lisa M. Russell of the School of Business at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, Indiana, USA is being published by Emerald Group Publishing Limited of the United Kingdom.

Emerald, a global publisher linking research and practice to the benefit of society, is making a free copy of this important research available for you until May 27, 2014 at this link:

A news release from Emerald stated: “US study published by Emerald analyses the relationship between stress and burnout in high-risk occupations and the role of leadership in moderating this relationship.

United Kingdom, 28 April 2014 – It is no surprise that high-risk occupations such as law enforcement have been associated with… Continue reading

Law Enforcement Learning the Millennial Way

Editors Note: welcomes a new contributor: Sgt. Brian Cain.

Knowledge. We all strive to attain it. We read books, police trade journals, law enforcement industry-specific publications, online articles, and attend conferences. We will spend thousands of dollars in our lifetime pursuing knowledge. Some people will even go on to continue their education by getting a degree. All of those are great ways to gain knowledge. While those traditional means of gaining knowledge have worked for decades, I can’t help but wonder if they are still the best ways.

I love learning. I love studying leadership. I love technology. Those three things have combined to revolutionize the way that I consume leadership material. I get books and download digital copies onto my Kindle. I subscribe to websites via RSS to get new posts from leaders in the public and private sectors. I find leadership centered podcasts on iTunes and download them to my iPod. I download audiobooks and put those on my iPod. I truly learn the millennial way.

If some of those terms, like RSS and podcast, sound a little strange and unfamiliar, don’t worry. I am not going to try to shove a bunch of technology lingo and explanations down your throat. I just simply want to… Continue reading