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I I I We had a chance to speak with A.J. Pero the drummer for the rock band Twisted Sister and spokesman for the organization Fallen Blue about how their organization is helping the families of law enforcement officers that have lost their lives outside of the line of duty. We had a great discussion about what they are doing and how they are supporting police officers, sheriff’s deputies and other members of law enforcement by raising funds and resources to help the families of our fallen comrades who have lost their lives while off-duty.

You can hear our interview by clicking the replay button below.

Fallen Blue is an organization created by a variety of music artists and sponsors to provide support, both emotional and financial, for the families of police officers who are killed outside the line of duty (i.e. car accidents, suicide). Visit their website at to learn more about them and what they are doing.

John Guarnieri the President, Fallen Blue has said: “Like several people on Fallen Blue’s Board of Directors, I have dealt with the loss of a friend during an off-duty accident. Officer Pascal J. Hall lost his life in a motorcycle accident on August 26, 2009. One of the toughest things I have done was carry Officer Pascal’s casket, especially… when seeing his mother during the ceremony and afterwards when we carried his casket into the back of the hearse. To this day, his death still continues to run through my head, especially during National Police Week every May in Washington, D.C., when those police officers that were killed in the line of duty are rightfully honored for giving their lives. It made me realize that something had to be done that would honor those officers that did not die in the line of duty, as well as help provide for the families of these officers who are left in the dark. More often than not, the agencies will not cover funeral expenses, pay for counseling, or help the families financially besides the basic requirements, just because they were not killed in the line of duty. To me, a badge is badge, no matter who wears it, however they should perish. It is my goal that Fallen Blue will be the shining light for these families.”

Please do what you can to support Fallen Blue with their efforts to help us. Visit their website to keep up with their activities like the up-coming benefit event in Baltimore.

Shockwave Magazine is presenting a Fallen Blue Police Benefit event on May 9, 2012 at the Baltimore Soundstage. Anyone going to this year’s National Police Week should try to get to Baltimore on the 9th to help support Fallen Blue support us.

For those who are going to our concert, May 9, 2012, at the Baltimore Soundstage, 20 lucky people will be able to win a pair of lawn tickets to the M3 Rock Festival the weekend of May 11-12, in Columbia, MD. For those that win these tickets, you will be able to attend an invite only acoustic pre-show on the Fallen Blue stage at M3, May 11, 2012, featuring a band that is playing Saturday. This acoustic show, at 5PM, is an invite only show for bands, record labels, sponsors, and supporters of Fallen Blue! And if some people want to make a weekend out of it, 20 more people will win lawn tickets to the Megadeth, Rob Zombie, and Lacuna Coil show on May 13, at Merriweather!

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets to the May 9, 2012 Fallen Blue Benefit Concert to be held at Baltimore Soundstage.

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Please help out the folks from Fallen Blue and tell them that CopsAlive sent you!  Stay Safe!

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