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While working on the CopsAlive blog post “Successful Cop – Jeffery Hart“, I came across another interesting and successful police officer who is doing cool things to help you and your law enforcement agency create a successful Wellness Program.  I love it when a police officer is successful in his or her career and then does something else to improve the world or their own lives and it’s an added bonus when they do something that helps other cops.  That’s what this thirty year detective does with his wellness traiining.

His name is Frank Wooldridge and he is a detective with the Bakersfield Police Department in Southern California here in the United States.  Frank has been a cop for 30 years and has seen a lot, but what fires his rockets is helping other cops and their department’s create a wellness program that might save lives.  Detective Wooldridge is certified through the Cooper Institute of Dallas, Texas as fitness instructor. He is a presenter of wellness seminars for his department and is chairman of their wellness program which he founded in 2006.  Frank is pursuing his post graduate degree in kinesiology from Fresno Pacific University and he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration from California State University Bakersfield. Frank is also writing his first book on wellness.

The program Frank developed is called Master Wellness Training and it started as an offering through the California Peace Officer’s Standards and Training (POST) Board and is now available to any agency that wants to hear what Frank has to say.  It is an affordable 24 hour course and it lets law enforcement participants return to their agencies with a finished wellness program. It is at that point those trained personnel will develop their own agency’s wellness future.

Frank says: “Our proactive approach is the wellness program, consisting of comprehensive health, fitness, and safety initiatives. I researched California law enforcement agencies and reviewed national studies on the benefits of implementing wellness programs for law enforcement agencies. The results were clear: Wellness programs are in demand and offer promise in countering the financial stress on municipal budgets from health insurance premium cost increases for participating government and private businesses”.

Frank has had so much success with this program that he now also assists others in designing their own successful training programs.  His concept for Corporate Training Designs will Identify and remedy gaps in your training needs, provide Assistance in establishing training goals, tasks, and learning objectives and Identify competent resources to aid in design, development, and delivery of your training.  He also Promotes participant-centered activities and Recreates work environment settings for relevant learning and evaluation.  Frank says he will provide installation of evaluation techniques to measure the application and progress of the training and provide models for return on investments made for training.

In our interview Frank described the Seven Initiatives covered in his Master Wellness Training Program.  If you would like to hear more about those or what else Frank had to say, you can listen in on this installment of The CopsAlive Audio Bulliten.  CLICK ON THE PLAYER:


Successful Cop – Jeffery Hart

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  2. I am trying to implement a physical fitness program for my department—involving health benefits, benefits to the department. This information seems beneficial to what I am trying to accomplish with the physical standards for my Department.

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