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Beginning at the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) conference in 2013 several members of ILEETA who were presenting seminars on wellness topics decided that we needed to create a basic curriculum on law enforcement wellness and make it available to all law enforcement educators and trainers so we can strengthen the wellness practices within our profession.

In addition to the input from hundreds of ILEETA members informally we also facilitated several working group sessions at the 2014 ILEETA conference.  We told everyone that we needed input. ideas, tips, best practices, research and any information that they believed would be helpful, or should be included within a basic training program on wellness for law enforcement professionals.

This has been a long process and it is still on-going.

On this page you can download the current version of the document as well as learn how to contribute to it.

This Curriculum & Resource Guide was conceived to create a platform to teach the basic concepts of Police Wellness to law enforcement professionals from as many agencies as possible.  It is designed to be flexible and adaptable yet set minimum benchmarks upon which all agencies can build a positive and supportive health and wellness environment for all their employees.

It is being published by, and curated by, The Law Enforcement Survival Institute and CopsAlive.com
and was prepared with contributions from members of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA).  It is intended to help promote the comprehensive wellness of law enforcement professionals and all first responders.  It is a living document and will be continuously revised by its users and creators.

Find the most recent version here on: www.CopsAlive.com/WellnessCurriculum

It may be reprinted with permission from The Law Enforcement Survival Institute.

This document is meant to be a “Basic” Police Wellness Curriculum.  The core of any program should include both emotional and physical wellness.  This document is constructed so that any law enforcement trainer can take these materials and adapt a program suitable for their agency’s needs and time constraints.  This curriculum is not meant to be all-inclusive, nor is it meant to tell you what to say, but rather it possesses the rudimentary tenets necessary for a basic law enforcement wellness education program.  The trainer may pick and chose the topics that fit their needs, and course length, and utilize the listed resources for each topic to fill out their own personalized program.

This document outlines important but general concepts in a framework that the trainer can utilize as a foundation to then build their own course outline using the concepts and resources listed herein.

This curriculum includes a wide variety of wellness topics collected under the general headings of Emotional Wellness, Physical Wellness, Other Topics, Other Issues and Resources

This is a collection of content and resources on wellness issues the trainer can utilize whatever instructional methods they choose including lecture, discussion, activities, debate or any other method of their choosing.

Download your copy by CLICKING HERE

If you would like to contribute to this curriculum CLICK HERE  to send an email to us and add “Basic Wellness Curriculum” to the subject line.  Please formulate your material for easy insertion into the curriculum document.  Include your Full Name, Agency or Organization Name, Title, your Full Mailing Address.  Please include a phone number where you may be reached in case we have any questions.

We will always place the newest version of the document on this page.

Stay well!

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