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How Much is Your Life Worth? Part I

As a police officer have you ever wondered out how much your life is worth?  I’m not talking about your value as a cop nor your net worth, which is the value of everything you own minus your debt.  I mean how much are you trading your life in law enforcement for, in exchange for your employer’s money?  Strange idea, isn’t it? But as cops we should really be doing some financial planning.

This will be no surprise to you…, but life isn’t fair.  Some people have it easier than others.  But there’s one thing in life that IS fair. We each get 24 hours a day.  No more, no less.

It’s how we use each of those precious 24 hours that make the difference between a great life and one that’s less so.  So how much money is each of those hours worth to you?  How much money would it take for you to sell those limited hours to someone else?

Until now, I bet you’ve never considered how much you’re time is worth to YOU, not your agency.  Most people are paid an hourly wage, or a salary, by their employer.  If you receive commission, you’re still basically paid by the hour when you factor in how many hours you work to earn your monthly income.  So if you make $20 an hour than you’re worth $20 an hour, right?  Wrong!  It’s far less than that.

In my next post I will help you figure out just how much less it really is and how you can change it.  Maybe you will learn that financial planning for police officers and sheriff’s deputies really is important.

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